Writing about our Mothers....

So we didn't get to give our writing to our mums last week.  So for this week I thought it would be awesome to display this writing in our office foyer.

For the two weeks we were learning how to make our writing interesting so that the reader could create a picture in their head.

There have been some awesome writing going on.

Please click here for some of the students writing.

Here is someone who took on the role as my mother....


Happy Mothers Day to all those beautiful mothers!  Also a Happy Mothers Day to those fathers, grandparents and others who take on the role of Mothers in the home.

Today I woke up with an ache.  That ache was that I missed my Nana who has raised me since I was a baby - 9 months old to be exact.  It will be 3 years this October since she has passed on and everyday I think of her.

I hope you all take time (not just on Mothers Day) but everyday to tell your Mum that you love her and express her gratitude for the things she does for you and your family.

Today though...I hope you did something a little special!

Home Learning for Week 3...

Don't forget to go to the Home Learning page to see our Home Learning for Week 3.

I hope you are having an awesome weekend.


Hi Whanau,
As you are aware there was a permission slip sent out about our trip to Stardome which is happening in June but we need to get ALL the permission slips in ASAP.

The trip is free and so activity fees do not have to paid.  I would suggest that you keep paying your fees as there are trips/camp at the end of the year and you don't want to have to pay then.

Those that have returned their permission slips:
David (Hieu)

Those students overseas - Raymond and Chetra

Who won't be here - Sophia

Parent helpers on the day (TBC)
Gloria (Shalia's Mum)
Aggie (Jessica's Mum)
Pranil/Reshmi (Prateek's Dad/Mum)
Uzma (Naveed's Mum) - TBC
Naveeda (Munir's Mum) - TBC
Alaivaa Faumuina (Ezra's Dad) - TBC
Natasha Yandall (A'aone's Mum) - TBC

Those we have TBC are extra parents - I am waiting on confirmation about other classes to see if they…


Don't forget there is whanau conferences tomorrow and Thursday.  Tomorrow (Wednesday 10/05)  we finish at 1:30pm and on Thursday we finish normal time.

See the Conference times below...

Term 2....let's smash it!

Talofa Lava and Welcome back!

I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and are feeling refreshed and ready to rock term two!  In the holidays we attended an amazing professional development around Culture Counts.  We had a special guest speaker Dr. Russell Bishop.  He is amazing and has written a lot of educational literature especially around Maori students/Culture Counts.

Whanau Conferences....
We have Whanau Conferences in Week 2 (next week).  I would urge you to please attend these conferences.  If you cannot attend please get in touch with me so we can schedule a suitable time so we can meet.  This is a very important meet up as we discuss goals around your child's learning around reading, writing, math and also our Homai GIVES.
I would love to meet you all so we can work together for the benefit of your child.

Friday mornings....
If you would like to share, show or even just sit in our classroom please let me know so we can organise a time to have you in.  It could be from showing…

Home learning for the holidays...

Hi beautiful people,
Sorry for not adding the home learning last week.  It was a full on week for me and it still seems like I haven't had a holidays, have you?lol.
I do hope you have all been enjoying yourselves and keeping safe out there!
This week, please continue to read-read-read!  Keep going on mathletics, storybird and also studyladder.
Also if you are able to ask whanau members if they have some seeds, seedlings or even soil that we can use to plant our garden!
Check in again....

Walk the Talk

The last week of Term 1 (on the Wednesday) our classroom planned to put what we had learnt throughout the term for Connected Curriculum into action.The plan was to leave at 8:15am.  Before we left our classroom the girls were very sceptical. They didn't want to go because they thought it would be embarrassing. They also tried to palm their signs off because of the embarrassment.When we got to the front of the school they soon changed their tune and were really going for gold!Picketting was the social action the Dragon Squad group wanted to take.  However, the whole class were really standing up for the rights of those marine animals and also being kaitiaki of the environment!I was so proud of these students! We have been learning about the effects of rubbish especially plastic - and what this could do to marine life and the environment.  We need to not only talk about these issues but actually do something about it....just like these awesome students!Remember let's not just ta…

Kaitiakitanga - Sustainability

Here are some cool home learning in our awesome classroom!

Well done to these awesome students!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Term 1 Duffy Assembly

We all know reading is a vital part of your child's education.  It will truly open up the doors for them and discover the world.
Schools in New Zealand are so blessed to be able to a part of an organisation called 'Books in Schools'.  Where a love for reading and books is magnified. Each child receives a book of their choosing to take home!  How awesome is that? Today, at Homai was our role model assembly.  The role model and special guest was another fellow South Aucklander (from my hometown of Otara), ROBERT RAKETE! To prepare for this assembly, Mrs Tofilau dished out a competition to all classes to decorate their Duffy box.  Our class came up with some ideas and these ideas were executed by five awesome students with Matua John keeping a close eye! I think we should've taken that competition out but I am biased! Well done to Room 8 who took it out and Room 6 for being the most well behaved class! Well done to our awesome class for having the best Duffy box and bein…