NOTICES - Term 3, Week 4

Kia ora Room 1,

Here are some reminders for this week... SCHOOL FORMS/PERMISSION SLIPS - White water rafting, Camp, Medical forms, netball and Cybersafety.  You will know which form/permission slip applies to you.  Please get these forms in ASAP!  We are not able to plan properly if you do not bring your forms.  Thank you to those who have already returned their forms.SWIMMING - Every Thursday we are blessed to be able to go to Manurewa Leisure Centre and be taught how to swim.  This is all for free and you do not have to pay.  Please parents/caregivers.  This is part of the curriculum and those who cannot participate should only be due to health/religious reasons.BEING PREPARED FOR THE DAY - In the last two weeks I have noticed a lot of students in Room 1 come to school late.  I know sometimes we do run late, however there are students that have been coming to school late everyday.  Please be vigilant and make sure you get to school on time and are prepared for the day!INCORRECT UNIFO…

Year 6 Leaders ON DUTY!

So the Year 6 leaders began their lunchtime duties today.
What an awesome start!  They did very good for their first day.  Most of them gave out their dockets.
They also looked very smart in their duty vest and clipboard.

Keep it up Year 6 Leaders....leading Homai for tomorrow.

Pics coming soon!!!

Learning how to swim!

Room 1 had their first swimming lesson today! We had lots of fun. If you didn't bring your togs, you better next week.  You're sooooo missing out!!!

Please parents/whanau, swimming is part of the curriculum.  This is such an important skill to learn/know.  Being confident around the water will save your life or could save some else!!

Please learn how to swim and let us bring those drowning statistics down.



Good morning everyone and welcome back to school!

It is now term 3 and what a term it will be!  I'm sure you have all had a great holiday and cannot wait to smash these next 10 weeks out.

There are lots of things happening this term and we will also need to prepare for our camp in term 4.

Please start paying off your activity fees - even if it's $5 a week.  Please talk to our lovely receptionists and they will sort something out for you.

We have Swimming at Manurewa Pools starting up this Thursday.  This is part of the curriculum so everyone must participate.  If your child cannot swim they MUST have a note or YOU must make contact with me (via text/email).  These are very important skills they are learning and can help save theirs/a life one day.

That is some of the notices at the moment.

Have a great week and stay safe out there!!!

Ms Eniata :)


Ms Eniata and some of the students in Room 1 have lemon trees.  Ms Eniata is sick of her lemons being wasted so what's the next best thing to do?  HELLO...USE THEM!!!!

Room 1 had an awesome time this morning using our senses to describe the good old fashioned lemon!

We brainstormed using our five senses and started writing a description about lemons.

We also got a turn squeezing lemons to make lemonade.  Our lemonade was sour but most of us enjoyed it!

P.S  Sorry but someone deleted most of our pics, these are the only ones I could find :(

Ramadan Celebration 2017

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is underway. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, meaning it occurs at different times year-to-year in the Western calendar. This year it runs from the May 26 to June 24. The major feature of Ramadan is the fast and it’s estimated 1.6 billion Muslims around the world will be fasting. That means no eating from sunrise to sunset, but also no drinking — not even water — and no smoking. Shorter days in New Zealand will mean Kiwi Muslims have an easier time fasting, compared to many others around the world. For some countries in the northern hemisphere, the fast will be as long as 16 or 18 hours. In New Zealand there are about 50,000 Muslims. If you know anyone who’s fasting for Ramadan, don’t offer them any food, but you could say “Ramadan Mubarak” — Happy Ramadan.

Yesterday I was invited over to Munir's house for dinner and dessert.  As you all know for the past 29-30 days, the Muslim students in our class (and other classes) have been …

A Special Post from our girl in the USA!


Kia Ora,

Well we flew to San Francisco via Los Angeles and then drove to my uncles apartment. We were sooo tired and had In and Out Burger for lunch. We made a new friend called Sahara and we went swimming. After that we went to eat at Hometown Buffet and OMG there was so much food! After that we crashed out!

The next day my uncle Ongo came and we drove to Salt Lake City. It took us 16 hours! But it was so much fun cause we stopped in Reno and looked around. We also went to Walmart at midnight and did some shopping lol.

We arrived in Salt Lake City at 4am and crashed out at my uncle Lalakai's house until we could check into our motel at 8am. We literally slept all day until 4pm! We then had a shower and got ready for the family reunion to start.

We went to the hall and had a family social. After that we had an American barbecue of hamburgers and hot dogs and stayed up late playing with our cousins.

The next day we went swimming and then we…

Another one of our girls...

Look at our girl Givanni Toalima who was in Thailand.  She is now in Malaysia!  We are happy that you are having an awesome time Givanni.  Cannot wait to hear about all your adventures. Be safe and please....bring the sunny weather back with you!!hehe.