A Special Post from our girl in the USA!


Kia Ora,

Well we flew to San Francisco via Los Angeles and then drove to my uncles apartment. We were sooo tired and had In and Out Burger for lunch. We made a new friend called Sahara and we went swimming. After that we went to eat at Hometown Buffet and OMG there was so much food! After that we crashed out!

The next day my uncle Ongo came and we drove to Salt Lake City. It took us 16 hours! But it was so much fun cause we stopped in Reno and looked around. We also went to Walmart at midnight and did some shopping lol.

We arrived in Salt Lake City at 4am and crashed out at my uncle Lalakai's house until we could check into our motel at 8am. We literally slept all day until 4pm! We then had a shower and got ready for the family reunion to start.

We went to the hall and had a family social. After that we had an American barbecue of hamburgers and hot dogs and stayed up late playing with our cousins.

The next day we went swimming and then we…

Another one of our girls...

Look at our girl Givanni Toalima who was in Thailand.  She is now in Malaysia!  We are happy that you are having an awesome time Givanni.  Cannot wait to hear about all your adventures. Be safe and please....bring the sunny weather back with you!!hehe.

Farewell to our girl...SOPHIA FOKETI!


We will miss you!  Have an awesome time in America.  Be safe and enjoy your time with the family.  See you next term :)

We love to ride!


This was our second week having 'Bikes in Schools'.  A lot of students who were learning how to ride have no picked it up so easily!  Well done.
Riding a bike is an important skill to have.  I enjoyed riding my bike when I was younger, even now!  Next step is to fit on one!lol.
Click here for more pictures.

Wait there's more!

Sorry for bombarding you with more pictures of Samoan Week but I think I was (camera) trigger happy!hehe.

If you see a picture of your child please make yourself a copy.  I also have more pictures that took to long to upload (and videos).  See if you would like to view these!

Thank you to Afu who helped out in class.  She read books to us in Samoan while it was SSR and she helped us learn and play Kilikiti!  It was awesome!!!

Enjoy the pictures :)